Our Approach

Planning for Success

Our master plan sets a clear vision and strategy for the development of University District including the layout of streets and other infrastructure, transportation, and open space frameworks. The master plan also includes economic, social, and environmental sustainability as key elements for implementation.

The Master Plan for University District (formerly West Campus) sets out a structure for development that is both sensitive and serves as an asset to the greater Calgary community. The goal is to create a community that is complete, vibrant, and sustainable and fosters a high quality of life.


Development Objectives

  • To create a complete and vibrant community with a sense of place.
  • To integrate and enhance the University experience while harmonizing with the surrounding communities and Calgary as a whole.
  • To build on the character and strengths of the surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • To leverage the knowledge and entrepreneurship in our city to realize innovation.
  • To lead on environmental sustainability and social responsibility while being fiscally prudent.

Our Process

We have a strong vision, ambitious real estate development goals, and an unwavering commitment to our stakeholders.

Approved Land Use

University District

Our land use plan outlines how we’re creating a mixed-use urban destination with residential, retail, office, and community space that integrates with established neighbourhoods. Our goal is for University District to be a complete, vibrant, and sustainable community that fosters a high quality of life.

In 2014, we achieved approval and support at Calgary City Council for the outlined Plan and Land Use, and community vision. University District was recognized as a Next City demonstration project and gained land use approval in a record time of less than one year.

See the detailed land use plan