About University of Calgary Properties Group Ltd.

Who is University of Calgary Properties Group and how are they governed?

University of Calgary Properties Group, formerly West Campus Development Trust, was created by the University of Calgary(UCalgary) to develop the University District community. The Trust is responsible for creation and implementation of the Master Plan, subdivision and land use designation, and the integration of builder partners to develop the land. Beyond that, UCPG will sublease and provide ongoing management of the improvements.

University of Calgary Properties Group Ltd, an independent up to 15-member Board, oversees UCPG.

What is the primary goal for University of Calgary Properties Group and the development of University District?

UCPG has a unique opportunity to leverage knowledge and entrepreneurship to create a community that is future-focused and that can become a global magnet for faculty, students, and staff.

UCPG will be a leader in environmental sustainability and social responsibility providing a balanced approach to the financial return to the University of Calgary.

What is the Board Member compensation?

Board Members are volunteers and do not receive an honorarium or any other compensation for their services. In accordance with financial policies, Board Members are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses related to their attendance and participation in scheduled meetings.

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How can I be involved in the development?

UCPG may issue requests for proposals (RFP’s) for development parcels. Opportunities will be made public and advertised accordingly on this site and MERX.

Will there be any architectural or design controls in place?

University District has form based design guidelines that will be administered.

What will the price of parcels be?

Developers and builders are required to submit a purchase price as part of their RFP response. While price will be heavily weighted in the evaluation, both the development concept and developer capacity will be considered.

About University District

What is the current status of development?

University District is well underway with both residential, public parks/spaces and retail construction in various stages. Progress on the development can be found on myuniversitydistrict.ca

Will University District development limit the University of Calgary's ability to expand academic programming in the future?

No. A University of Calgary Campus Master Plan completed in 2010 confirmed that the land is not required for core academic facilities.

Approximately 25 hectares of land can still be developed on main campus, which will allow for approximately 301,000 square meters of new academic, administrative, student life, residential, library and study space. Significant open spaces and major vehicular corridors are also available.

University District will support main campus activity by providing an integrated neighbourhood to help attract talent – highly qualified personnel – faculty, researchers, and students, who will enhance the University’s reputation on a national and international level. The development will be a showcase for the University’s leadership role in environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

All net income from the development will go directly to future University initiatives.

When will residents begin moving in and when will retail amenities be available?

Residents began moving in mid-2018 and the first phase of retail is set to open in 2020.

What if I simply want to receive news and updates about the University District Development?

You can sign-up to receive e-newsletters here.

Will there be adequate public green space?

The Master Plan builds on the many natural qualities of the site to create an integrated, environmentally sensitive open space system to serve the community.

Specifically, it responds to topographic features, preserves sensitive areas, celebrates views towards the mountains, and strengthens connections with the surrounding regional open space network and other UCalgary destinations.

University District will have a north south “green spine” and “greenway” to make full use of, and connect, the existing park and south storm pond and smaller green spaces throughout the community.

A central park anchors the open space system to form the iconic heart of University District. The central park includes pedestrian-oriented spaces and open play areas.

Each residential neighbourhood will have a local commons park to be the outdoor focus of the area. These neighbourhood parks will connect to other community parks and open spaces through direct pedestrian connections and bicycle trails. The pedestrian environment in each street right-of-way will also form an important component of the open space network.

Will there be safe and active transportation within and around the development including bike and pedestrian paths?

Yes. The University District plan features “complete streets” whereby all modes of travel — walking, biking, driving —are considered and connected. The entire master planned area open space system will blend seamlessly with the surrounding open space network, as bike and pedestrian paths will connect major open space elements to the UCalgary Main Campus and the surrounding communities.

Walking and cycling will take priority over cars, and traffic calming measures include modest block sites working with narrower driving lanes. The community will also include enhanced transit service including MAX stations.

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